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Tessa believes that, just like the client, every space is unique. Therefore every new project is given the personal approach it deserves and a price that is tailored to you.


Introductory phase
During this phase a first, non-committal introduction is scheduled and you are asked to complete a questionnaire. The first meeting would preferably take place on site, but can also be done elsewhere or via videocall. The goal is to get to know each other and to see if we're a good fit. Afterwards, we decide if working together is the best way forward. 

If we both have confidence in the collaboration, an extensive intake will follow. Many questions will be asked: not only about the space and your wishes, but also about who you are and what is important to you. This information is important to be able to create a design that is not only unique, but also completely matches you and your life.

Sketch phase

After the intake, Tessa makes a first-draft design. This means that all important information is bundled into a number of layout and atmosphere proposals. If needed, possible adjustments are discussed together and we choose which choices suit you best.

Design phase
After the needed adjustments are made, the preliminary design follows. The choices made are visualized in 3D sketches and photo renders. The preliminary design includes the following:

  • Floor plans, including lighting plan

  • Custom drawings for kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets and furniture

  • Proposals for:
    - wall and floor finishing
    - interior doors and fittings
    - staircase finish
    - furniture, decor and lighting
    - sanitary choices

This design is once again presented to you and discussed together. We choose which elements are approved and which aren't and one more round of adjustments follows.

Execution Phase
In this phase you receive all detailed proposals, quotes are requested and items are ordered. You will also receive technical plans so that suppliers and professionals know what to do. Finally, you will receive a complete overview of all choices made, including prices.

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